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Who Has the Best Burger in Kenosha?

No one can compete with the famous Ron’s Place 5×5 burgers. Ron’s Place holds the official title of the “Best Burger in Kenosha,” and Ron’s burgers are always grilled to perfection. Ron’s offers more than 10 different types of burgers, ranging from the usual to the remarkable. Whether you’re looking for a classic burger like the Ron’s Original 5×5 or something with a little more character like the Southwest Burger, Ron’s is ready to cook it fresh for you!

Best Burger in Kenosha


Ron’s burgers have been a staple of Kenosha since they opened their doors in 1972 with the original 5×5 burger. Since then they’ve expanded their menu to add many more options including sandwiches, wings, and teas, but their¬†5×5 burgers have always reigned supreme.

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Unfortunately, Ron's Place will be closing today, Sunday 3/29/20, because of the current crisis. We love our crew and we love our customers and the best way to keep everyone safe is to hunker down and stay home. Remember, this is temporary. Ron's will be back, better than ever. We won't forget how to make the best bar food and drinks in Kenosha, and when we reopen, we will all raise a glass to celebrate the dawn of a new day. Thank you for understanding. Be safe, Kenosha.

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