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Take the Tour of Teas

There are now over 40 Long Island Iced Teas on our menu. That’s quite a lot of teas to drink! Due to our large variety of Long Island Iced Teas, we decided to reward the customers who are most loyal to our drink menu. Thus, the “Tour of Teas” was born!


Purchase any Long Island and receive your “Tour of Teas” Card.

Your “Tour of Teas” card allows you to keep track of the number of Long Islands you’ve had. Once you’ve received your card, you’ll have two different options of tours to take:

The Classic Tour: Drink All 40 Teas         The Custom Tour: Drink Any 50 Teas


Drink Up To 40 or 50 Long Islands.

Enjoy all 40 flavors of our excellent, handcrafted Long Island Iced Teas! Have a few favorites that you prefer? Drink any 50 teas (regardless of flavor) and you can complete the tour your way! (limit 3 per day)

3. ENTER TO WIN $1000


After turning in your card, your name is entered into our Christmas party raffle for a $1000 cash prize! You will also receive a custom drawn “Tea”-shirt, and your last Tea is on us!