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Place to Eat in Kenosha

If you find yourself looking for your next place to eat, come check out Ron’s Place in Kenosha. Our full menu has many delicious options to choose from that pair greatly with any of our specialty drinks. Ron’s Place has been voted “Best Bar Food” in Kenosha in 2019 and we are known for having the best burger in Kenosha. If you are looking for your next go-to place to eat in Kenosha, come check out Ron’s Place! Check us out on our Facebook to keep up with all things Ron’s Place!

Quality Food at Ron’s!

Hungry and looking for a place to eat in Kenosha? 

If you are craving an exceptional burger or a mouth-watering chicken sandwich, you are sure to find the perfect meal at Ron’s Place in Kenosha. Ron’s Place is a great place to eat in Kenosha, having been open since 1972 all while offering incredible food with a great atmosphere.  We’ve got a table and a menu ready for you! Give us a call or send us a message here.

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