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Cozy Lunch Place in Kenosha

You need to check out Ron’s Place if you’re looking for a great lunch place in Kenosha! Our menu is stacked with your all-time favorites! Grab a hot bowl of soup with a salad! You could enjoy a nice sirloin steak! Enjoy the classic comfort food in Wisconsin: fish fry! Not to mention all the finger food favorites: chicken wings, nachos, curly fries, cheese curds, mozzarella sticks and more! Nothing beats the cozy atmosphere at Ron’s. Snuggle up in a booth or get to know us up at the bar. You’ll feel right at home at this classic lunch place in Kenosha!

Best Lunch Place in Kenosha

Simply put, Ron’s is the best lunch place in Kenosha. You already know that Ron’s Place has the best burgers in Kenosha, but did you know we offer more options than just burgers? You can enjoy The Mama Mia or The Papa Mia. Chow down on a Shrimp Po’Boy Bomber or a delicious Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich! No matter what your favorite comfort food is in Kenosha, Ron’s Place is the lunch place to find it!

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