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Good Times in Kenosha

If you’re looking for good food in Kenosha, as well as good times, you have come to the right place! Welcome to Ron’s Place! Since 1972, Ron’s Place has been the corner bar that beats out all the rest. When you come here, you’ll find an upscale, comfortable environment, where friendly conversation is more than welcome. We know you’ll need more than beer nuts and pretzels while you’re having a good time! You have to try one of our famous 5 x 5 burgers! Not in the mood for a burger? That’s alright! You can try any of our amazing sandwiches on the menu and we’re sure you’ll be satisfied! Don’t forget all the finger foods you can munch on while catching up with old friends.

“Great Food. Great drinks. Great environment. I love this place by all means. The long island iced tea is awesome.”

Google Review

In the early ’80s, Ron introduced a beverage to his line up that became as iconic as the famous 5 x 5 burger, the Long Island Iced Tea. Served in mason jars with 3 different flavors (The Original, The Jamaican, and The Beach), customers lined up for miles to try Ron’s Long Island Iced Teas! After 40 years, Ron’s Place continues to raise the bar in Kenosha. You can’t go wrong with Ron’s Place if you’re looking for good food and good times in Kenosha!

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The famous 5x5 burger is at the top of the list when you're searching for good food in Kenosha. It simply can't be beat!

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With over 40 different teas on our menu, you'll want to try them all! What will you start with? The Original? The Grapeful Dead? The Plasma?

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Sometimes to have good times in Kenosha, you just need your oldest friends and some great finger foods! From hot wings to mozzarella sticks, Ron's has what you want!

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We're back! Ron's place has reopened its doors as of 6/8/2020! However, there are some changes from the way things used to be due to the ongoing pandemic. 

We are offering a limited menu at this time as well as limited hours (11AM - 8PM). You can view the updated menu HERE.

We will be using the back entrance for customers entering the restaurant.

The front door is available for exit only. 

For bar seating: There will be two vacant bar stools left between groups that came in together. 

For general seating: We will be utilizing our large booths only. No more than 6 people in each. The small tables are unavailable at this time and will be taped off. 

In addition, we will not be allowing any waiting for tables/bar seating to open within the restaurant. There will be a staff member at the door to take your name and phone number and you will receive a call when your table/seat is available. You will then have 5 minutes to claim your place before we open it back up to the next in line. 

Finally, our staff is required to wear face masks at all times. Cooks have the choice of a mask or face shield. Gloves will be worn and discarded every time the server/bartender delivers or takes anything from our customers or the table. We will have sanitizer stations available at each door. Our staff will be questioned before each shift, regarding any symptoms of COVID-19. We have discussed the importance of handwashing, masks, and gloves with them as well to ensure the safety of all during these trying times. 

Thank you and we hope to see you soon!

Updated 6/5/20