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FOOD in Kenosha

THE place to be for FOOD in Kenosha is now and always has been Ron’s Place  and here are the top 10 reasons why:

10. Familiarity. You know us, you love us, come back and see us!

9. Community. Everyone you know eats and hangs out here..of course.

8. Reliability. We make it delicious EVERY TIME…for decades

7. Location. In a perfect location in the center of the city.

6. T-Hurst Special. World-class specialty sandwich

5. Long Island’s. OK, you do need a drink when you eat, and we got the best!

4. Variety. Classic old-school menu that has something for everyone

3. Family. Family owned and operated from the beginning, come join us.

2. Comfort and Safety. You’ll feel comfortable and safe in these uneasy times.

1. 5X5. The Cornerstone of the business, simply a “must-have”.

Best FOOD in Kenosha


Ron’s burgers have been a staple in Kenosha since we opened our doors in 1972 with the original 5×5 burger. Since then, we’ve expanded our menu significantly to add many more options including sandwiches, wings, and a HUGE selection of tasty long island iced teas. Newcomers are always welcome at Ron’s Place – Stop by today!

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