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Burger Place in Kenosha

When the mood strikes and you want a burger, you want to hit up the best burger place in Kenosha – Ron’s Place! No one can compete with the famous Ron’s Place 5×5 burgers. Ron’s Place holds the official title of the “Best Burger in Kenosha,” and our burgers are always grilled to perfection. Ron’s offers more than 10 different types of burgers, ranging from the usual to the remarkable. Whether you’re looking for a classic burger like the Ron’s Original 5×5 or something with a little more character like the Southwest Burger, Ron’s is ready to cook it fresh for you!

THE Best Burger in Kenosha


Ron’s burgers have been a staple of Kenosha since they opened their doors in 1972 with the original 5×5 burger. Since then they’ve expanded their menu to add many more options including sandwiches, wings, and teas, but their 5×5 burgers have always reigned supreme. Another favorite of Ron’s is their famous Long Island Iced Teas. Served in mason jars with different crazy and delicious flavors, customers have lined up for miles to try Ron’s Long Island Iced Teas! They’re a perfect drink to be paired with our classic burgers! Check out our available menu here.

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