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Best Food in Kenosha

Searching for the Best Food in Kenosha? You have come to the right place! Ron’s Place has the best food and service in town. We have been serving quality food since 1972. When you stop by you will find a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere. You can try one of our famous 5 x 5 burgers! Not in the mood for a burger? That’s alright! You can try any of our amazing sandwiches on the menu and we’re sure you’ll be satisfied! Don’t forget all the finger foods you can munch on while catching up with family and friends. Stop by to find out for yourself why we are the Best Food in Kenosha!

Kenosha's Best Food

In the early ’80s, Ron introduced a beverage to his lineup that became as iconic as the famous 5 x 5 burger, the Long Island Iced Tea. These drinks were served in mason jars with 3 different flavors (The Original, The Jamaican, and The Beach), and customers lined up for miles to try Ron’s Long Island Iced Teas! After 40 years, Ron’s Place continues to raise the bar in Kenosha, WI. You can’t go wrong with Ron’s Place if you’re looking for the Best Food in Kenosha!

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The famous 5x5 burger is at the top of the list when you're searching for good food in Kenosha. It simply can't be beat!

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With over 40 different teas on our menu, you'll want to try them all! What will you start with? The Original? The Grapeful Dead? The Plasma?

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Sometimes to have good times in Kenosha, you just need your oldest friends and some great finger foods! From hot wings to mozzarella sticks, Ron's has what you want!