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The Best Bar in Kenosha

Looking to expand your bar experience in the Kenosha area? If you haven’t visited us before, now is the time to come join our family! Our bar is home to our famous tour of teas, where we offer 40 different Long Islands for you to enjoy. Alongside our specialty tour, we also house an extensive list of your favorite drafts, imports, and more! We would love for you to join our family at Ron’s place, where we offer the most relaxed environment and where the drinks just keep coming! You can find us at the corner of 52nd St. and 33rd Ave. right in the heart of Kenosha. Come in today to Ron’s to enjoy a laid back time and a neverending menu of drinks at one of the best bars in Kenosha!

Your Local Bar in Kenosha!

Ron’s Place is the best bar in Kenosha to catch a beer and relax with friends and family after a long workday. Our bar is the perfect place to enjoy a Long Island, snack on some of the best bar food in Kenosha, and catch a game or discuss the latest in Kenosha news! Our bartenders can offer you one-of-a-kind Long Islands if you are feeling adventurous or can serve you one of your favorite classic drafts or imports. While you indulge in your drink of choice, you can also enjoy our laid-back environment. We always have a game available on our TVs or you can participate in some traditional bar talk with the rest of the customers! Come find your seat with us at Ron’s Place, your local bar in Kenosha!