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The Best Bar Food in Kenosha

Kenosha is known for its plethora of wonderful dining and bar choices. There’s always somewhere new to try! If you’re looking for your next Kenosha-Favorite food venture, we invite you to Ron’s Place! Ron’s is a staple of Kenosha, ask any of our local residents, they’ll tell you!

Not only are we famous for our Bar Food in Kenosha — like our delicious appetizers or go-to 5×5 burger — but we also are sought out for our outstanding long island tea menu! We offer 40+ flavors! Try them all to complete the ‘Tour of Teas!‘ We wouldn’t be “Kenosha’s Favorite” year after year if we didn’t also offer our hometown favorites with an extensive list of your favorite drafts, imports, and liquor.

If you’re hungry… come see what all the noise is about! Get the best Bar Food in Kenosha for lunch today!

You can find us at the corner of 52nd St. and 33rd Ave. right in the <3 of Kenosha.

✩✩✩✩✩ Bar Food in Kenosha!

“It’s soooooo good!”

Just hearing the name, “Ron’s Place.” makes locals mouths water. There is just nothing better than walking into to the smell of fried broccoli cheese bites, and grilled 5×5 burgers. MmmmmMMmm! After a long day, order an iced cold long island — surely one of our 40 flavors should do the trick! Everyone is welcome at Ron’s and we’re always ready to have a good time! We’re all here for the same reasons: family, friends, beer, drinks, and DANG good burgers! Come on in and see why the rest of Kenosha loves us so much!